Chalkstang, The Interactive Art Car

Chalkstang, a Ford Mustang, is a Houston based interactive art car! It has been on​ ​CW39 and ​FOX 26 when it was decorated for the Astros Championship. It has been in the MLK Parade and when requested goes to schools for a fun and different activity for the students.

When Chalkstang is out and about, there is normally a box of chalk on the car for anyone passing by to get creative, and people LOVE it, as you can see on the cars ​Facebook​ and ​Instagram​ page! While we are already going to various schools and no profit organizations, we need your help to keep it up!

Chalkstang makes an excellent addition to your events:
Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Art Shows, Car Shows and More!

 Bonnie Blue is the new owner of Chalkstang!

Bonnie Blue acquired Chalkstang in April 2023!