Chalkstang, The Interactive Art Car

Lane School Art on Chalkstang

Chalkstang, a Ford Mustang, is a Houston based interactive art car! It has been on​ ​CW39 and ​FOX 26 when it was decorated for the Astros Championship. It has been in the MLK Parade and when requested goes to schools for a fun and different activity for the students.

When Chalkstang is out and about, there is normally a box of chalk on the car for anyone passing by to get creative, and people LOVE it, as you can see on the cars ​Facebook​ and ​Instagram​ page! While we are already going to various schools and no profit organizations, we need your help to keep it up!

Chalkstang makes an excellent addition to your events:
Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Art Shows, Car Shows and More!

Meet Chalkstang Artist, Vena Ashley!


Vena Ashley is a native Houston artist who does interior decorative faux painting, murals, photographic mixed media and even welds. She created Chalkstang after Hurricane Harvey. Prior to the storm, Ashley had a wreck in her 2007 Mustang and did not have full insurance coverage. Forced to do the car repairs herself to save money, she found old car parts in salvage yards and set to work. With some creativity, paint, screws, duct tape —and help from her grandfather who taught her to weld—she turned her old car into the new-and-improved Chalkstang.

Learn more about Vena on her website: